Reply from @Netflixhelps about Instant Queue feature in Canada.

This afternoon, I asked the helpful folks on the Netflix support Twitter account when we’d see the instant queue feature in Canada. This is what they said:

Personally, I find this terribly frustrating. Since signing up for the Netflix Canada trial last week, I’ve noticed dozens of films that I’d like to watch and want to come back to. At the same time, I’ve searched for dozens of films that aren’t available for streaming in Canada, so really, searching is in no way a replacement for being able to flag a movie as one you’d like to come back to.

Rachel and I can foresee ourselves as being heavy Netflix streaming users, although the lack of an instant queue (or equivalent) would make this a bit of a pain. I suspect we’ll end up with a pad of paper beside the remote that will serve as an alternative to something that should be built into this service from day one.

Edit: While it doesn’t help with the Instant Queue issue, I have started keeping track of some of my viewing suggestions on Netflix Canada. If you have any yourself, be sure to share them!

5 thoughts on “Reply from @Netflixhelps about Instant Queue feature in Canada.

  1. I totally agree. I don’t know why we can’t have the same Instant Queue feature available in the U.S. For now, I keep a Google Docs spreadsheet with the names and URLs of movies I want to watch.

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  3. There is a que function in Canada. Only select people have it at this time. According to tech support it is totally random who gets it and it’s not possible for them to turn it on by request.

    • I just called Netflix (Aug 2012) and they claimed that some Canadian customers have Instant Queue, but that access can get turned off and on with no warning, presumably as they test various implementation details. She claimed that the long-term-goal was to have it turned on for everyone at some time in the future. I have no idea why they don’t turn on what they have for everyone right now, or at least make it a user-controlled on/off switch, perhaps by device. Being able to add titles to a queue would be very useful – sure I can find the things I specifically know I want to watch, but remembering things I stumble across or that are offered as suggestions should be baked into their setup.

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